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Spotlight: Flex Your Facebook Page

Spotlight: Flex Your Facebook Page

With consumers spending more and more time on mobile, how can the travel industry capitalize on this shift? Will Facebook become it’s own online travel agency or booking platform? As travel trend forecasts focus on Facebook’s growing travel intent, one thing is clear: If DMOs aren’t paying enough attention to mobile right now, they’re missing out.

At Jackrabbit Systems, we’re one step ahead of trends predictions. As we prepare for even bigger changes in the market, we are unrolling a dynamic new design for our Facebook App. If you are already using the App, follow the steps below to upgrade or contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Book › Direct Facebook App

Upgrade Your Account Now:

  1. Have your Facebook Admin log into Facebook as an individual
  2. Click this link (Do Not Copy & Paste):
  3. Choose your Facebook Page from the drop down & click ‘Add Page Tab’
    Add page tab

Customize Your Book › Direct Facebook App tab image to match your DMO branding:

  1. Have your Facebook Admin log into Facebook as an individual
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ at the top of the page
    Click settings
  3. Click ‘Apps’ in the left hand navigation
    Click apps
  4. Click ‘Edit Settings’ on the Book › Direct App
    Edit settings
  5. Click ‘Change’ next to ‘Custom Tab Image’
    Change tab image
  6. Rollover the image, click ‘Edit’, and upload a new tab image!
    Edit image

Questions? Contact your Account Manager with any issues.

Need to review offline or share a copy with your team? Download a version here: JackRabbit Facebook Implementation Walkthrough.

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