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  • London, UK
Tom Rickert

Tom Rickert

Executive Vice President

As an equity partner in JackRabbit Systems since 2008, Tom has directed the growth of Book › Direct’s adoption on over 300 travel destination websites in North America and the Caribbean. In addition, Tom oversees the account management team and works closely on the marketing services and strategic direction of the Book › Direct product division.

In Spring of 2016, Tom expanded his role to direct the new business development, account management and marketing services teams after the acquisition of Zerista, JackRabbit’s new event website and mobile app for the meeting and convention industry.

Prior to joining JackRabbit Systems, Tom was founder and CEO of Rickert Media Inc., a 20 year media consulting firm and simultaneously launched a second media company, Meetings & Events LLC in 1998, publishing five successful industry media properties which he continued to own and  operated for seven years before selling the company in 2006.

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