• Santa Fe, NM, USA
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • London, UK
Dade Gaylord

Dade Gaylord

Vice President of Operations, Zerista

Dade joined JackRabbit System’s Zerista division in 2016. With over 18 years of experience throughout the US, Australia, and Europe in helping companies gain operational efficiency and increase capacity. Prior to joining JRS, Dade launched two companies for GenieConnect and Limehouse Software. Dade led the U.S. operations for both companies until they were successfully acquired by Lanyon and Objective Corporation.

As Vice President of Operations & Account Services for the Zerista Product Division, Dade currently oversees the processes and protocols for the new business development, account management, client service, product management and technical development teams. In addition, Dade works with and services many of Zerista’s clients in helping to fulfill their objective and goals with our Zerista platform. Dade enjoys music, traveling, movies and all things Disney!

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