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Introducing Live Rates, Jackrabbit’s Best Book › Direct Experience Yet

Over the past year, Jackrabbit Systems has been hard at work changing the way we gather information on lodging rates and availability. Our work has paid off & we are proud to announce the full rollout of Live Rates, our best Book › Direct experience yet! (more…)

Is Facebook the Next Big Trend in Destination Marketing?

Whether your DMO is large or small, with a big marketing budget or a more modest one, a social media strategy can have a big impact. With over one billion people on Facebook and Instagram every day, social media channels have leveled the playing field through unparalleled access to potential travelers. And their influence on the travel industry is growing. (more…)

Want to Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From?

So you want to know where your customers are coming from and how your marketing dollars are performing, but you don’t know how to do that. Guess what, it’s simple, just add a campaign tag to all of your outbound links to your JackRabbit Book › Direct system and we’ll do the rest! A campaign tag can be anything you choose and you can also set-up as many campaign tags as you’d like, as often as you’d like! (more…)

Spotlight: Flex Your Facebook Page

With consumers spending more and more time on mobile, how can the travel industry capitalize on this shift? Will Facebook become it’s own online travel agency or booking platform? As travel trend forecasts focus on Facebook’s growing travel intent, one thing is clear: If DMOs aren’t paying enough attention to mobile right now, they’re missing out. (more…)

JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Booking Behavior Data

Booking Behavior Data

We’ve all got data, Insight › Direct can show you how to use it.

QUESTION: What happens when a consumer books direct with a lodging property?

ANSWER: Consumers have higher levels of purchasing confidence, a better customer service experience, spend more on their stay and are more likely to become a repeat customer. Routing consumers directly to lodging partners ensures that market integrity remains intact. (more…)

Destination Revenue Increases Through Direct Bookings

Like hotels, destinations increase revenue when they promote direct bookings. A report from SiteMinder found hotel’s average stay revenue from direct bookings are 76.5% higher than OTAs and other 3rd party booking channels ($600 vs $340). (more…)

Study Shows Consumers Prefer to Book Direct

Destinations strive to provide the best experience for their visitors and hotels, which includes the best possible booking experience. When the decision comes down to booking through an OTA (booking.com, Travelocity, Expedia) or directly with a lodging property, research from Koddi is clear: consumers want to Book Direct. (more…)

Spotlight On: JackRabbit’s Product Suite

JackRabbit Systems’ expansive product suite has the options you want to customize the tools you already have. Want to learn more about our add-on engines and features? Schedule a demo with your Account Manager today! (more…)

JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Device Trends within the Booking Funnel


Last month we left you with with some overall data regarding the volume of searches and referrals our platform generated across our network from all of our channels.  This was a global perspective that shows how powerful the DMO-site traffic can be resulting in 6.5MM referrals to your lodging partners.

This month, we want to look a little closer at the booking funnel, and how it performs by device, starting with the widget. (more…)

JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Searches and Referrals


Book › Direct, powered by JackRabbit Systems, had a monumental year in 2016, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.  For the next few months, we’re going to highlight some of the important trends and data points we’ve been gathering across our 243 DMO partner sites in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, and offer up some perspective on what that can mean for our clients.

We’re going to start by analyzing the two key data points that are fundamentally JackRabbit: Searches & Referrals. (more…)

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