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JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Booking Behavior Data

JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Booking Behavior Data

Booking Behavior Data

We’ve all got data, Insight › Direct can show you how to use it.

QUESTION: What happens when a consumer books direct with a lodging property?

ANSWER: Consumers have higher levels of purchasing confidence, a better customer service experience, spend more on their stay and are more likely to become a repeat customer. Routing consumers directly to lodging partners ensures that market integrity remains intact.

HOW DO WE KNOW?: In 2016, JackRabbit introduced Insight › Direct, a robust tourism and hospitality marketing solution that transforms consumer travel data into meaningful insights and reports.


  • 6.6 Million: The number of consumers JackRabbit routed directly to lodging partners
  • 331,502: The number of consumers who booked directly with the lodging properties
  • 905: Rooms booked per day
  • 4.95%: Conversion Rate*
  • $156.66: Average daily rate (ADR)
  • 3.5 days: Average length of stay
  • $548.31: Estimated booking amount


$181,765,861.62: Total estimated revenue generated by JackRabbit’s clients utilizing Book › Direct technology. That’s revenue generated without commissions or fees for lodging partners.

Schedule a demo today & find out what Insight › Direct can show you.

*Conversion rate is a global average from all JRS programs.

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