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JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Booking Behavior Data

Booking Behavior Data

We’ve all got data, Insight › Direct can show you how to use it.

QUESTION: What happens when a consumer books direct with a lodging property?

ANSWER: Consumers have higher levels of purchasing confidence, a better customer service experience, spend more on their stay and are more likely to become a repeat customer. Routing consumers directly to lodging partners ensures that market integrity remains intact. (more…)

Destination Revenue Increases Through Direct Bookings

Like hotels, destinations increase revenue when they promote direct bookings. A report from SiteMinder found hotel’s average stay revenue from direct bookings are 76.5% higher than OTAs and other 3rd party booking channels ($600 vs $340). (more…)

Study Shows Consumers Prefer to Book Direct

Destinations strive to provide the best experience for their visitors and hotels, which includes the best possible booking experience. When the decision comes down to booking through an OTA (booking.com, Travelocity, Expedia) or directly with a lodging property, research from Koddi is clear: consumers want to Book Direct. (more…)

JackRabbit Systems: 2016 Device Trends within the Booking Funnel


Last month we left you with with some overall data regarding the volume of searches and referrals our platform generated across our network from all of our channels.  This was a global perspective that shows how powerful the DMO-site traffic can be resulting in 6.5MM referrals to your lodging partners.

This month, we want to look a little closer at the booking funnel, and how it performs by device, starting with the widget. (more…)

Meet the “Bleisures:” New Travel Trends of Business Travelers

Bleisure Travler

The “bleisure” traveler is a frequent business traveler who mixes their business trips with leisure time. They maximize their business travel by extending their trips to accommodate fun leisure activities and they often take a loved one—or sometimes the whole family—along for the trip. With conference and convention attendees among the most likely to turn their business trips into a bleisure trip, huge revenue opportunities are opening up for both conference and event organizers and Destination Marketing Organizations. Here’s a closer look at this emerging trend: (more…)

What Attendees Really Want in a Mobile Event App—and How to Make Them Love It

Event › Direct by Jackrabbit

Attend any event today and most likely you’ll find a dedicated mobile app. In fact, eighty-six percent of event planners expected to have an app at their event in 2016.

But as mobile event apps become the norm, what capabilities do attendees really want? And more importantly, how do planners add new features to make them love it?

Top 10 Travel Websites for the Destination Marketer

In my market research experiences for JackRabbit Systems, Inc., I’ve accumulated a small list of my favorite go-to blogs and websites which are chock-full of interesting, current, relevant articles pertaining to the travel industry. As a researcher, I like to use a combination of what I call “front-end” and “back-end” content.

“Front-end” content is geared towards the end user, the traveller, the mom, the honeymooning couple, the person/people planning their vacation. By putting yourself in the shoes of a traveller, you will gain a better understanding of their needs and wants, and therefore be better able to target your marketing more effectively. (more…)

The Mobile Majority is Here in Travel — and Across All Demographics

There is a clear mobile majority in travel across all demographics for the first time ever, says the latest Travel Technology Survey from Phocuswright.

The report, which covered habits in 2014, found that smartphone penetration has reached the majority in all demographics, with 76% of those aged 55-64 and 58% of those 65 and older owning a smartphone.

This milestone means that the true mobile majority is here, and that travel brands can now count on nearly all of their travelers to have access to a smartphone. (more…)

Designing Your Destination Website

One of the most popular trends in website design right now is the minimalist approach. Minimalist websites are easy on the eyes and make for a pleasant user experience. Travel websites, however, often have a lot of information and content, making it a challenge to design minimally. Creativebloq.com suggests designing “simply” rather than “minimally” in cases like this, and top priority should be given to organization of your content.

The following are compendious design tips and tricks, but your number one priority when designing your travel website should be to remain on-brand with your destination. You should never sacrifice brand recognition for trendy designs. (more…)

2015 Travel Trends

Travel Trends

According to an ITB Travel Trends Report, travel in North America was up 5% in 2014. With unemployment on the decline and steady economic growth, it is predicted that travel will rise even more in 2015.

The goal of any destination in 2015 should be to focus on differentiating themselves by adapting to the most popular trends in travel in order to provide vacationers with exactly what they want. Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of just that: (more…)

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