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Most Asked SEO Question

Most Asked SEO Question

Question: How Does Book › Direct Benefit Your Site’s SEO?

Answer: Book › Direct’s SEO-Friendly Implementation Makes Your Website Content Rich & Crawler Enhanced

Book › Direct does more than drive direct bookings, it rewards your visitors with a speedy results page, extensive lodging content, and the live rates and availability they’re looking for. Combine all this with our low bounce rate, referral generation, and increased time spent on site, and you can count on Book › Direct to directly impact your site’s performance.

Maximize Book › Direct’s SEO Benefits:

Visit Philly SEO Friendly results1) Let the Crawlers Find You
Web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of web pages organized in the Search index. Improve crawler recognition by adding the Book › Direct subdomain to your sitemap.

2) Promote Trust
A vanity URL shows visitors that Book › Direct is a trustworthy extension of your website. Providing content from a trusted source provides a better user experience and ensures visitors will have a reason to return to your site.

3) Improve Tracking
Book › Direct makes it possible to track visitors through the entire funnel. As visitors move on from your DMO site and through the booking process, you’ll be able to track their movement within the same session.

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