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Book › Direct

The ultimate booking Referral engine! Our responsive/mobile search engine that provides planning tools for the most valuable consumer…the one planning to visit your destination.



The Event Connection. Our newest acquisition, the ultimate event management app that allows event organizers and attendees to not only manage schedules and set up meetings, but encourages event learning and collaboration.


Insight › Direct

Providing you and your destination with extreme data. A robust intelligence platform providing meaningful insights and marketing performance on the consumer and the tourism brand.


Event › Direct

The ultimate marketing tool that combines JackRabbit’s Book › Direct city guides, the Zerista event app, and Insight › Direct, allowing cities to convert business travelers in to leisure travelers.


Meta › Direct

Jackrabbit’s meta channel distribution solution. A simple and easy to use advertising platform increasing brand awareness to drive direct bookings across our meta search partner sites; Google HPA, TripAdvisor, Trivago & Skyscanner.

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